Welcome to Dhahran Ahliyya School’s Secondary and Intermediate levels (6-12).
Our education at DAS starts from our mission in which we deeply believe, since it is not just words rather than the essence of our structure as a school. We aim to provide a safe and caring environment in which our students can learn and benefit in a spirit of harmony and mutual respect.
Students in the International Baccalaureate MYP (6-10), are part of a dual language international program that is based on global standards in all academic matters. Ninth and tenth grade students can proceed with either the American Diploma or the Saudi “Muqarrarat” program.
As a school we foster, support, and strive to prepare our students to be effective members of their communities and make a positive difference locally and globally.

Intermediate and Secondary Principal

batiorWelcome to Dhahran Ahliyya Schools which prides itself on its position as the keystone in our students’ learning and education. We recognize the cognitive and emotional changes that our students in the middle and high schools experience, providing them with contemporary disciplines that recognize their intellectual and emotional needs.