ADP Courses

All students will be automatically registered for all mandatory courses in the ADP. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of every student to connect with the Counselor and Supervisor to
make sure that they are registered for elective courses.
Every student should be part of an elective course on the bases of availability, seniority and first-come-first-serve bases. Taking an online elective course doesn’t exempt students from taking the elective courses offered at DAS. Online courses are always supplementary courses. It is important to clarify that students who do not register for elective courses, or those who make late registration to closed courses (courses who attained full capacity in the number of students) will be registered by the system in a random manner.

Earning Credits

Course credits are computed in reference to the number of minutes/hours students formally attend classes for that specific course. The general rule is that courses that are given six 40-minutes weekly periods over 180 teaching days are considered to constitute 1 credit.
Although other credit computations can be made accordingly, the school preserves its right to make the necessary approximations as long as these approximations meet the minimum requirement of the Ministry of Education and the international accrediting body.


Every student attending any elective course has the right to change their elective course by dropping an elective course and adding another one instead. This should be done before the end of the second week of school starting the first day of announced school start. It is the responsibility of every student to initiate this procedure with the Counselor and make sure with the Muraqib that the student has been dropped from the requested course and successfully added to the new one.
The conditions that embrace ADP student’s eligibility to add and/or drop elective courses are as follows:

- Students meet the ‘organization of program’ requirement.
- There is a place in the courses added.
- This is done before the end of the second week of the school.
- The student continues to attend the course dropped until the course added is confirmed.
- This is done ONLY ONCE during the Drop and Add period.

It is important to note here that if the number of students dropping a given elective course would make the number of students in that course less than 8, then the ADP has the right to close this course and ask the students to join other elective courses. Any student who refrains from choosing another elective course will be randomly placed in any of the available courses by the system.

Online Courses

Taking at least one online course during the years of study in the ADP is a graduation requirement. This represents a remarkable opportunity for students to engage in a technology-based enviroment (TBE) of learning not only academic content and skills that might not be offered or available on site in school, but also formally engaging in virtuallearning settings and formally networking with other students and educators in non-familiar learning situations, skills, and content knowledge. This unique and rich experience is intended to prepare students to this mode of learning that is very common in higher education and professional training contexts.

The school can provide support in arranging the registration of online courses in accredited institutions. It is optional for students to consider giving school credit as elective courses to these online courses, and it is optional to students to report the scores of online courses on the transcript of record. Furthermore, students who arrange taking online courses on their own must show evidence of this as part of the graduation requirement. At any rate, online courses DO NOT replace any mandatory or elective school-attended course unless a written consent was issued ahead of time from the Secondary School’s Principal and the ADP Director.


Semester grades are Grade Point Averages (GPAs) that are reported in percent. The score that every student in the ADP graduates with is a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) computed in percent. GPA (of a given semester) is computed by generating a sum (Credit Score) of the products of final grade on each course and the number of credits associated with this course, and then dividing this sum by the total number of credits. To compute the cumulative GPA (at any point in time during the course of study in the ADP) is computed in a similar manner to the GPA, except that the sum (Credit Score) computed earlier takes into consideration all courses in all semesters prior to the semester where the cumulative GPA is computed.