The ADP curriculum is not a static curriculum, but rather a continuously evolving curriculum that is constantly updated based on up-to-date research, technology, and practice. The curriculum includes inspiration by the principles of Islam, and has been developed based on extensive research and best international educational practices around the world.
While meeting the requirements of the Saudi Ministry of Education, the ADP curriculum fosters international mindedness, cross-curricular thinking, and community service while involving the Common Core States Standards (CCSS), the International School Services Standards (ISS), the Advanced Placement (AP) learning goals, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) expectations.
It has a variety of topics with different learning paths, where students will be given the opportunity to choose one elective course out of a pool of diversified optional courses that aim at building a well-rounded personality of all students, and thus preparing them to be influential leaders in their community and the world.